An Obsessive’s Guide | Baby Gear Phase 2

I cannot begin to tell you how i obsess over purchasing the RIGHT thing for the needs of our family.  I read countless reviews… i poll my facebook friends (love you guys!) and i ask every.single.friend what they think… and then i choose what works for us.

I enjoy taking my time with all of the research- talk about countless late nights!  i thought i would share what i’ve settled on and why… and save you tired eyes and long nights.  if you are a parent i’m sure you can relate to the back and forth on every little thing!

from the top- right to left:

  1. Lil Wonders Baby Hut: this tent pops up and down- offers UV protection and can be zipped with air circulation and protect from bugs (a MUST in Texas) did i mention it pops up??? perfect for anytime spent outside (mama’s about to plant her garden!!)
  2. Wee Gallery Mobile:  i kind of kick myself- this mobile was $5.14 in January! i should have grabbed three then… they would have been great gifts! they retail for $30 (in all of the boutiques around here) they are perfect for featuring art, photographs, numbers, and letters- and can be placed above the crib, changing table, or art space!
  3. Baby Sleep Sac:  I have to say i was told yesterday over dinner that i can still swaddle Nico- so this might not get as much use for now- but he LOVES being bundled in his sleep sac.   babies sleep so much better when they are all snugly and warm! (we do, why wouldn’t they?? i want one of these!)
  4. Go Pod:  time spent outside, around the house, or on the go is so much better spent up and active for babies.  i love the idea of this portable option- i plan on using it with the Baby Hut… the perfect portable combination!
  5. Tatamia High Chair:  I discovered this high chair at my friend Casee’s house.  i was instantly in love.  this was the first purchase i made with our gift cards and it is by far my FAVORITE baby anything in our home.  Nico rides around watching everything we do- he scoots right up to the table at dinner time and swings anytime i flip the lever.  it’s genius.  if we brought another baby home tomorrow i would by another one instantly! newborns can even sleep in this baby… it’s a no brain-er.  
  6. Pack and Play:  who knew it was so hard to find a BASIC pack and play??! seriously- this is as nuts and bolts as they come.  and the bonus is the mini mobile… score!
  7. Mountain Buggy Duet:  it has taken me MONTHS to decide on a jogging stroller.  MONTHS.  i have completely obsessed and decided on the duet.  it is as wide as a single yet offers twin seats.  at only $100 more than the single bob revolution it was a (long coming) no brain-er for us.  we are a growing family and i didn’t want to spend close to $500 on a stroller i would have to sell on craigslist to replace with a double in a short time.  this way i can use a car-seat, pram, and Z can even ride on the back- when our kiddos are larger i may opt for the duo- but for now the duet will suit us well.  && when Arden comes she can sit by Nico- otherwise i can bring my market basket and our groceries will have the perfect spot!
  8. Freerider Kiddie Board:  the perfect place for the 5 year old who still thinks strollers are for him (Z)… it connects to the back of the duet (making it a 3 kiddo stroller) it even detaches for solo riding- SCORE!
what are YOUR favorite phase 2 things for baby??? do share… i’m clearly obsessed!


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