Dallas Dance Photographer | Dance Revolution Trainee Creative Session | Roomie Love!

Connie and I dreamed up this idea this fall… She moved in with 3 girls that she was dancing with and thought it would be fun to do a “roomie” session.  I agreed to take on the project if I got to style them and shoot them the way i wanted.  (I mean, I’ll be nice… but with conditions!)  I looong for days like this- me, in the zone, my camera, beautiful models (with the ability to sculpt their bodies beyond my imagination… that isn’t always a part of the deal), and a world of possibilities.  I can play, create, discover, and enjoy photography without giving any thought to what another soul has to say about it.

I hardly said a word as we drove to our location… I was so excited to see what would unfold.  I have to say- there were more to share than would possibly be post-able… it was a dream.  the light was beautiful and soft- and the girls were dreamy… they truly seamed like little forest fairies.  what beauty they exude.

thank you lovely ladies for letting me capture the light and life in your movements… you each posses a radiance all your own.  May the Lord continue to bless your ministry of movement… and i pray these photographs forever remind you of this season of your life.

much love.

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Shawn Elliott - Awesome!

Karyn Cannon Mccoy - Amazing shots:)

Crystal Raney-Ivey - Your sister is soooo talented !! Her pictures blow me away ;)

Jacklyn Nacianceno - This is pure GENIUS!

Michelle Boyd - ohhhh my goodness friend!! these are BREATHTAKING!!! i am in love. beautiful beautiful!! (& way to go Conniee!!)

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