Dear Dallas, you say immobilization, i say BOOT.

Dear Kristen,

remember that time that you modeled for our weekend CRASHcourse and you rocked it out in Deep Ellum? Remember how you shared a story of you and Travis leaving the parking lot for 5 minutes and getting booted? Remember the $105 they charged you? Remember my response? “Man, that SUCKS… thank for the warning.” Remember how i carefully chose our parking so as NOT TO GET BOOTED?

Clearly i suffer from short term memory loss.

Clearly i didn’t head your story with the kind of careful attention i should have.

Clearly it didn’t occur to me to read the RULES and the FINE PRINT ON THE BOTTOM OF MY PRINTED TICKET.

Clearly i missed the memo that in Dallas they don’t actually call it getting “booted”… they call it being immobilized. you know, because that sounds so much nicer…

So, $105 later i was re-mobilized.

thanks Dallas.

and THANKS kristen for trying;)

and to clarify for all of you Deep Ellum parkers… do NOT leave the parking lot and come back quickly to grab your spot. ¬†only BLIND people do that… because it says clearly in black and white that you CAN’T.

it pays to listen and read.

lesson learned.


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Kristen - OH MY GOSH SHAUNA!! NO WAY! I’m SO SORRY!! Hopefully they are spending our money wisely and not jumping up and down in their new piles of cash..!

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