When you live in Europe for four years and can hop in a car and be in Paris in 3 hours… or you know- 4 other countries in those same 3 hours… moving back to Texas and trying to come up with a trip that seems worth taking proves to be a little difficult- and anti-climactic.

Romeo has a tricky schedule so anything requiring flights or reservations far out are not possible at this point… so what to do? We thought about driving to New Mexico or Colorado- maybe next time, we considered a hill country trip (but we’ve been there several times this year), and finally settled on staying here in the Metroplex and actually doing some of the zillion things there are to do here… and there are a ZILLION.

When we have off together we tend to sleep late, go to brunch, watch a movie on the couch, and eat at home- or skip brunch and eat out in the evening… we have our favorite spots and always seem to head to the same places… sound familiar?

Sooo… In an effort to break the cycle and enjoy more of what the BIG D I have created a strategy!

(insert laugher from every.single.person that knows me)


stop the presses. hold the phones. pick your jaw up from the table.  ”close your mouth- your not a cod fish.” (yes i just quoted Mary Poppins on my blog)

It’s true, I’m going to do it!

We are going to take our travel budget and invest in things we can continue to use (mountain bikes, portable grill, tent, and a few other essentials to outdoor living) and we are going to have a BLAST.

and i’m not cooking.

really, we are picking a new restaurant every night.  that’s what we would do if we went somewhere… and where else in Texas can you eat like you can in Dallas??? NO.WHERE. it’s on.

and a few bonuses about a STAYcation vs. a VAcation with a 6 month old?

  1. we don’t have to pack all of his “gear”
  2. he can take naps and enjoy his regular bedtime (b/c we have an awesome sitter)
  3. he can enjoy respit from the sun
  4. we have an awesome pool at HOME he can have some fun pool time and head down for a nap
  5. we have a super fun outdoor space at my office to enjoy and Nico can sleep inside
  6. did i mention we don’t have to pack his “gear”?

I’m stoked.

Here is our official “plan of Action”… I’ll be sharing how well we stick to it- there are two rainy days in the forecast so I’ve accounted for those- this is SOOOO not how i roll- and there are a hundred other things to do… I’m excited to see how this week evolves.

sooo Dallas… what have I missed??? what do you think we should do???

Happy Monday!!!

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