I haven’t been this excited in a loooong time.  My friend SPANKI and I have come up with more ideas in the last 6 weeks than we know what to do with… our first is a WEEK SHOP… far more than a WORK SHOP… we’ve crammed (literally) everything there is to know about starting, running, and enjoying running a successful photography business.  right down to the smallest detail.

the 10 photographers who spend the week with us will enjoy daily surprises, go home with more swag than they know what to do with, and will have everything it takes to make it- right down to the business forms and daily to do lists.

what makes this WEEKSHOP special? a lot of things really, but here is a short list in case you are still on the fence.

  1. TWO PHOTOGRAPHERS – are teaching- that’s TWO different businesses’, approaches, ideas, and formula’s for success.  what works for one doesn’t always work for all- so hear both and then make them your own
  2. EVERYTHING IS COVERED – from getting your business registered, paying taxes, to style development and social media (did we mention we will teach you how to get ORGANIZED) it’s truly a one stop shop, you don’t have to attend a workshop for marketing, then shooting, and business- just hang out with us for a week and we will cover it all!
  3. STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES REVEALED – SPANKI and I both bring our lessons learned to the tables- what we’ve tried that didn’t work, and what we do that does.  (think about the time saved by learning the lessons through us instead of on your own)
  4. IT’S PERSONAL AND BUSINESS – we’ve arranged time during our week for individual identity coaching, daily Q&A, and you’ll get to follow up with an individual skype meeting post-WEEKSHOP to iron out anything that has come up.
  5. SWAG-TASTIC – i really can’t believe i just typed that word… but seriously- we are creating the coolest goodie bag EVER along with daily surprises and things you’ll never grab your camera bag without.  i’m pretty sure we’ll have to create a couple extra for ourselves.
  6. ALL LEARNING STYLES UNITE – you will get to hear it in person, practice it yourself live with a coach on your team, and then take it home all typed out in fantastic .pdf form for easy access and a refresher coarse any time you need it… or let’s face it- after you go home and your mind finally wraps it’s self around all that you’ve just been taught- you can break it all down step by step on your own.

I’ll add more to this list later… for now, i’ve got to get busy with all of the details! I hope you choose to join us- It’s going to be EPIC!! oh, and we will have a fun welcome dinner on Thursday night and cover your meals for the 5 days… yumminess promised!!




  • Jenn Berelowitz - OH MY GOSH! I would love this.

  • Tammy Heavner - oh how exciting!

  • Nat SanWal - oh my gosh! I only wish I could drop it all and attend this amazing week. If only one of you did Lightroom.

  • Tricia Teel-Walker - This would be a dream for me, wish I had the funds :(

  • Jacklyn Nacianceno - This sounds Swagtastic! And YES…I did just type that! You ladies are so talented…I am excited to hear about it! (goodie bag…just saying…worth a try ;).

  • Kelly Moore - How exciting. I would love to take this!!!!

  • Crystal C - Oh if only I didn’t have little ones under my care during the day! Maybe if you do another next year ;)

  • Megan Marlene Photography - Too bad I’m prego and can’t be traveling- that would be amazing! Sounds like such a fantastic time, Spanki! Hopefully next year I’ll actually be able to visit some workshops :)

  • Paisley Lane Photography - This would be a dream come true! Such a great idea!

  • Shauna Maness - hahaha!! goodie bag doesn’t seem quite as exciting as a swag bag… i mean, come on… right?

  • Shauna - CRYSTAL! the struggle of every mama ;) we will for sure!!

  • Shauna - come on Kelly!!!

  • Shauna - Jen!! come join us sister!! it’s going to be soooo fun!!!

  • Candace Moore - I CANNOT WAIT! AHHHHHHHHH!

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